Firm Profile

We take pride in the fact that our firm remains small and manageable. The firm consists of two partners, with support staff. The partner whom you hired is the lawyer responsible for your case and answering your questions. We receive hundreds of calls and letters every year from people needing representation and attorneys seeking our help. Regrettably, we can only accept a small percentage of these potential cases so as to provide the very best representation for those that we do choose to represent.

We wish we could help everybody, but unfortunately, we cannot. We at Moriarity & Badaruddin PLLC pride ourselves in accepting cases with underlying social value and take great satisfaction in representing the little people who need our help the most. We do not represent corporations. Instead we represent people, good people, little people – not corporations. We respect our work philosophy and are proud of our clients because they stand tall amongst giants and fight for their rights.

We invite you to acquaint yourself with our attorneys. Individual biographies highlight each lawyer’s education, attributes, and the successful law careers that set Moriarity & Badaruddin PLLC in a legal league of its own.

Moriarity & Badaruddin PLLC
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